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Big Al’s family entertainment AV systems in Vancouver, WA were so successful that 2 years later they decided to build another facility in Oregon. With over 60,000 square feet of awe inspiring fun, the new Big Al’s facility offers 110 HD video displays, a massive 12′ x 55′ sports bar video wall, 30 public bowling lanes, 12 private lounge-style bowling lanes, 3 private party rooms, a skybox private party room, a lounge, a billiards area and a 7,000-square-foot arcade.

Design Goal

The three design goals for the entertainment AV systems included: 1. Incorporating high-definition video displays capable of displaying from a variety of sources, 2. Designing audio zones for patrons to comfortably hear music, videos, and paging information and 3. Centralized control of all 110 displays, the paging system, and 16 audio zones from the main desk.

Solution | Entertainment AV Systems

The resulting entertainment AV systems engage patrons throughout the facility and makes for a lively and memorable experience.  Each public and private bowling lane features three video displays. Located near the seating area for each lane these displays include; two 37”Panasonic TH-37LRT12U displays which serve as scoring monitors and a high definition 42” Panasonic TH-42PH11UK display that shows either;

1. Music videos from the adult or family friendly Bowling Entertainment Networks

2. Sports and entertainment programs from one of twelve satellite and cable channels

When the lights go down during Galaxy Bowling nights five motorized 16-foot wide screens lower over the public lanes spanning 3 lanes each and are filled with brilliant large-screen video content through Panasonic PT-FW300U projectors. The private bowling lanes have 20-foot wide projection screens spanning 4 lanes and video content through Panasonic PT-DW6300U projectors. The LCDs, projectors and entertainment AV systems are remotely controlled and managed with the Magenta Research Mondo Matrix III matrix switcher.

This matrix solution provides RS-232 serial connectivity for every display so Big Al’s can remotely monitor the equipment. Control of all entertainment AV systems, signal routing, audio routing, audio level, and on/off function is reduced to two (2) RS-232 ports from the AMX control system. The user interface and control is accomplished by ELO point-of-sale grade touch screen monitors at the main desk and sports bar. The ELO touch screens’s are tied to AMX TPI-PRO-2 touch panel interface units.

CompView designed an intuitive interface for the control panels so that a busy front-desk employee can quickly choose the zone and command; if a customer wants to watch a game on a display near the bowling alley while another wants to watch a different game on a different display near the billiard tables, they can accommodate these requests quickly. Behind the scenes the Magenta Research matrix switcher provides the switching between multiple video sources. The audio distribution is managed through Biamp’s AudiaFlex with CobraNet over the CompView installed managed network switches to Ashly amplifiers located around the building.

The highlight of the facility is the stadium themed sports bar with a massive entertainment AV system, one of the largest indoor, non-cinema screens in the Pacific Northwest. It stands 12’ tall and 55’ wide, is comprised of three 124” x 220” Da-Lite black bar frameless projection screens and shows as few as three or as many as 9 different sports programs simultaneously. This multi-screen display is made possible by the Extron MGP 464 multi-graphic processors and Extron Matrix solutions. This multi-screen display processor is designed to show high-resolution graphics, video and HDTV sources real-time across various wall configurations. Video projection in the space is achieved by three Panasonic PT-DZ6700U HD ceiling mounted projectors. The sports bar big screen and supporting audio system are controlled with an ELO 19” control panel custom programmed with presets to easily change channels and choose from 3-4 different multi-image configurations.

“We’re tremendously satisfied with the results and so are the customers,” said Daniel Kirkwood, owner of Big Al’s. “Our customers feel like they are at a sports book in Las Vegas. The clarity and size of our video installations are truly impressive. Our audio video systems have become an integral part of our business and allow us to provide our customers with state-of-the-art entertainment whether they are here to watch a game, play pool or bowl. With the help of CompView, we have a system that is reliable and easy to operate and maintain.”

Because the installation employs the latest in technology in a manageable, cost-effective way and has been so successful, Kirkwood plans to replicate this design in a multi-state franchise expansion.

Project Summary


42-Projectors and screens – 42 bowling lanes; displays – 3 private party rooms, lounge and arcade; 14’h x 55’w front projection video wall in sports bar; touch panel control signal routing, audio routing/level; remote monitoring


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